If BanklessDAO can get 100 individuals to join Hype Club before May 13th, each new member will receive 10,000 $HYPE tokens each.

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Ryan Adams & David Hoffman joined as Hype Club’s first official Hype Partners.

What is Hype Club?

How to Participate.

The first 100 BanklessDAO members to complete the following three-steps will each receive 10,000 $HYPE tokens each. Tokens will be claimable before May 20th through



Click the "Join Hype Club" button below. You must use this exact link.


Create a Hype Pass using the information in your automated Hype Club welcome email.


When you're done, retweet the Twitter Announcement below.
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Who is Eligible?

1. Only the first 100 new BanklessDAO members to join are eligible to receive the $HYPE tokens.


2. Only wallets that held more than 50,000 $BANK as of May 2nd, 2022 are eligible to participate.


3. If BanklessDAO does not get 100 people to participate, each person who joined will receive 5,000 $HYPE each.


What is Hype Club?

A Web3 community that pays you to get pitched by up-and-coming NFT, DeFi, and DAO projects.

Who are the Hype Partners?

The current Hype Partners include Ryan Sean Adams (Bankless), David Hoffman (Bankless), Hsin-Ju (Prev Head of Growth at Solana + Stellar).

Seven more Hype Partners will be revealed over the next seven weeks on the Hype Club twitter.

$HYPE Token Drop

The $HYPE token drop started on May 4th and was released in 4 waves.

Wave One: Tier 1 Cryptonaut Holders

Wave Two: Tier 2 Cryptonaut Holders

Wave Three: Tier 3 Cryptonaut Holders

Wave Four: All other $XIO Holders

$HYPE Token Drop Thread:

How else can I earn some $HYPE?

Currently, you can earn $HYPE by participating in the 100M $HYPE Challenge which ends on May 31st.

Submit content or provide feedback to earn some $HYPE!

What is the purpose of the $HYPE token?


Projects who want to pitch Hype Club Members must pay a “Hype Fee”. Once paid, a project is able to send a “Hype Blast” to a predetermined and targeted list of Hype Members.


The revenue generated from the Hype Fee is used to buy $HYPE off the market. This newly purchased $HYPE is distributed directly to targeted Hype Members.


Any remaining $HYPE after all rewards have been paid out is burned. The percentage of how much is burned will start at 1% but can be increased or decreased by governance.

Who created Hype Club?

Hype Club was created with 💚 by Blockzero Labs.

Why Hype Club?

Web3 marketing is broken.

We want to change that.